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Bob is represented by Oscar Music Agency oscarsfolk@aol.com  07866 266553
For CD or other enquiries please contact Bob at:
email@bobwood.co.uk or telephone: 0208 686 9421    0790 899 2794

“..performs with an astonishing degree of virtuosity ... a superbly mellow-voiced  singer and outstandingly deft guitarist” 

“...has a voice and an approach perfectly suited to the almost confidential style of singing” 

“...his album When the Moon Sits Fat on a Scudding Cloud is a labour of love and a cracker”

“Bob Wood is one of the deftest pickers and tastiest arrangers of songs it has been my pleasure to hear...a real delight!”

“Many times over the years, I have had the immense pleasure of just sittin' around, pickin' and grinnin' at home, playing on stage and recording in the studio with Bob Wood”

“His outstanding guitar and vocal skills, combined with the sensitivity and empathy he brings to the music, makes him the consummate compadre on stage, a great interpreter of songs and a very fine solo artist in his own right. If I should ever write a song that I never get the chance to perform, Bob Wood is the man for the job”
BENNY GALLAGHER (Gallagher & Lyle)

The man has an innate ability to elevate a song. His playing is brilliant and his singing and phrasing are in lock step with the intent behind the song. He's covered a couple of my own works and I sincerely hope he will do more in the future.”

“Bob Wood has a distinctive approach to the role of Scots balladeer, with a fine ear for songs old and new, a deft way with a guitar and a voice of freshness and mellowness combined. The mature listener will take to him, and younger listeners will be enchanted”

“An artiste with an eclectic and entertaining repertoire of song which he accompanies with an innovative and always sympathetic guitar style”

Bob Wood is one of the best kept secrets in the folk circuit. His singing is superb but, if anything, his voice is overshadowed by a beautifully sympathetic guitar accompaniment to rival any of his peers. His first album is one of my "most played" over the years and that is a fact; surely the greatest reflection of genuine musical appreciation”

“Premier singer and fantastic guitarist with a huge repertoire of songs. Bob is passionate about his music, loves people and never fails to give a great evening’s entertainment. A consummate professional”
BBC Folk Musician of the Year 2009

“...Bob's acoustic guitar playing will take you into a world of comfortable relaxation as well as beautiful brilliance”

“Intricate, thoughtful and beautifully delivered guitar accompaniments and counter melodies.”
FATEA Magazine

Bob Wood Acoustic Guitarist Folk Singer


Bob Wood Folk SingerBob Wood and Benny Gallagher in concert

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Bob Wood